The Two Feathers Two-Fold Tattoo Auction/Lottery Extravaganza!!

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In support of and in conjunction with Tattoo Tom’s upcoming book project, we are holding a ONE-of-a-kind, TWO-fold fundraiser.

Part I is an auction:

The highest bidder will win lifetime membership into the Two Feathers Society (details here

Also (and this is where it gets exciting!) you and Tattoo Tom will both be getting half of the Two Feathers Society logo tattooed on your bodies so that only when your body part and his are placed together will the logo/tattoo be whole and complete. The perfect way to quantify the spirit of the Two Feathers Society! This auction is open to anyone in the U.S., not just those local to Tom, although if you are local or willing to travel to the D.C. area, you and Tom will go TOGETHER to the tattoo studio to get this one-of-a-kind tattoo that totally embodies the unity of our scared brethren/sistren. If you are not local or unable to travel, we will find the BEST artist in your area and handle all the logistics for you!! All you will need to do is show up for your tattoo appointment.

We will record the experience and feature it on Tom’s Podcast "Winging It with Tattoo Tom" AAAAAAND!! (here is the BEST part) - You will also be featured in the chapter entitled Two Feathers Society in Tom’s upcoming book!! (If his book gets turned into a movie, we will get someone super RAD to play you! 😀)

Part II:

We realize that not everyone has the means to bid on this auction, so we will be holding a separate lottery, so no one gets left out. (Purchase Tickets Here) Tickets will be $50 each and we will pick one random winner. The winner of that lottery will get matching tattoos of your choice, THAT’S RIGHT! YOUR CHOICE! with Tattoo Tom (nothing inappropriate, please) and a lifetime membership into the Two Feathers Society (value of this tattoo to be capped at $500.) All the rules and logistics from the aforementioned Part I Auction will apply here as well.


"You can't fly with only one feather, but with two feathers you just might."
- Tattoo Tom